Our company's vision is "Innovation Next Cambodia".

The unpredictable era of fast-paced technological innovations, new viruses, new business models, is all that we are heading for, but sometimes our goal is not to make a profit for our own company. focuses on the customer and binds the idea of ​​the customer in abundance to our unique business model with state-of-the-art technology.
Create solutions to social problems together with customers and become the most trusted partner of our customers.


Description of Business

  1. Cyber beauty
    Online reservation, use points and save points with your payment! If you are looking for a massage parlor, hairdresser, barber, nail salon, popular eyelash, etc., do not forget Cyber beauty! we can recommend the perfect salon for you based on your favorite conditions such as area Prices, listings, services, etc. We also provide a lot of coupon information and new opening information..
  2. Cambodia Beauty Collection
    Cambodia Beauty Collection is an event specializing in beauty that will enhance the beauty expertise in Cambodia more widely and all visitors will be able to come and participate in this event.
    Create a World that is the dream of Women in Cambodia aspire to achieve in financial independence and "make your dreams come true".
    By promoting and helping women move forward, we aim to improve women economically and contribute to the development of beauty and fashion in Cambodia. to Cambodia Beauty Collection site


Company overview

Company Name
Date of Establishment
The Point Community mall, 2Floor U07, #113C, Mao Tse Tung Boulevard (245), Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Director Kenji Makita
Description of Business
Planning of website, Production and Operation, etc.
Web service planning, design, development and operation
Design, development and maintenance of various software
Computer and internet consulting services
Event planning and management
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